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Dynamics GP - Assigning Cycle Counts to Inventory Items

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives a great amount of flexibility for how you time your stock counts for items. Some fast moving, perishable items you may want to be counting on a weekly basis, while others only need to be counted every three to six months.
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Dynamics GP - Setting Up Stock Count Schedules

A stock count schedule is used to group inventory items that are counted at the same time. It is useful to have many schedules, with smaller groupings – that way if issues arise, you are only holding up a portion of the count while you investigate.
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What is social business? The start of my social business journey.

It's the start of a new year. And for me, the start of a renewed focus in my role at Olympic Software. For a couple of years now, I've been doing a lot of research into the social business concept and now it's time to start putting it into practice.
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Dynamics GP - Enquiring on Purchase Order Documents

The easiest way to find all details related to a Purchase Order document (including Goods Receipts and Invoice Matching) is to use the Purchase Order Processing Document Enquiry window.
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Dynamics GP - Verifying Document Dates Are Valid

I have had a couple of support calls recently that have dealt with document dates that were completely invalid - one for the year 3013 and one for 1944.
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