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One budget template shared by many

For many organisations the current way of managing annual budgets or re-forecasting is to compile multiple Excel files that are emailed to the respective budget or line managers. Once distributed, unless the file is locked down, control of content is often lost.
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Can technology lead to more efficient supply chain management?

In short the answer is yes; of course technology can help towards creating a more efficient supply chain. However information systems must be designed around efficient business processes. Get this part wrong and it won't matter how good the technology is.
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Time to upgrade from FRx to a new, ultra-modern financial reporting solution?

Upgrade Offer for FRx Customers Microsoft has officially retired FRx. How many times have you exported an FRx report to Excel? When considering a replacement for FRx, why not consider a Report Writer that starts in Excel!
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Does your business need financial consolidation software?

Lots of ERP system managers are managing multiple organizations’ or subsidiaries’ financial data as part of a parent company.  Reconciling information coming from different units, departments, and at times with more than one currency, can be very difficult without the assistance of a good financial...
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Business intelligence that rescues you from Excel hell

If your business is into budgeting the old way, you're most likely distributing multiple spreadsheets to some of the most expense staff in your business; like business line managers, or departmental managers. The process takes a long time, costs too much, and then when the Excel budget files are...
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