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The Real Reasons Why ERP Implementations Sometimes Fail!!

We have heard innumerable stories of ERP implementation disasters. After many months and a lot of money and hard work put in, some organizations still fail to see what they expected to see. Often times the vendor gets blamed and other times the users or the management gets blamed. Investing in a...
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Can you manage without Business Intelligence Mr.CFO?

Business analytics, Business Intelligence and Performance Management were terms that almost sounded like a fad just a few years ago. But as understanding of its potential grew, it was a revelation to realise that analytics is critical for virtually every aspect of a business.
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Things to consider before investing in BI, Analytics and CPM

A large volume of data like profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, sales analysis reports and other commonly generated reports, when handled properly can lead to big positive changes. There has been a trend in the last few years where large corporate organizations have been turning to...
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Dynamics GP: Processing Refunds from Creditors

I recently did a site visit to one of our clients with the purpose of looking at what they were doing and making some enhancements to their processes. As is often the case, the learning went both ways and I picked up something new – thanks Abbey.
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How we make a code retreat at Olympic Software

Recently we organised a code retreat event here at Olympic. It was not the typical event you see during Global Day of Code Retreat, for a few reasons. It was internal event and only people from our company were present, it was organised during work hours, and finally, it was a Legacy variant.
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