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How Important Is Collaboration In Business Intelligence?

Collaboration is probably one of the most neglected aspects in businesses today. It is an ironic statement because CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Middle Management staff and all employees have a much wider range of communication technologies available to them today than ever before and yet we see very little to...
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Collecting A Lot Of Data Is Useless

Collecting a lot of data is really useless and a waste of money, time and resources if the data is not analysed for progressive purposes.
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Why Businesses Fail

It is quite a known fact that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 2 years. This was according to Bloomberg and there is probably a lot of truth to it. I’ve personally seen many start up’s fail. It’s heart breaking, especially if you know the entrepreneur personally...
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Popular Excuses For Not Investing In Business Intelligence

With all the talk and educational material about Business Intelligence, one would think most companies would have invested and implemented in some form of Business Intelligence. But on the contrary, only a small percentage of small to medium businesses currently use BI.
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Should Small Businesses Invest In Business Intelligence?

That’s a great question. Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data warehousing, Performance Management, KPIs, Dashboards and Scorecards are all terminologies that once were restricted to the domain of large organisations. There was and probably still is a perception that “only” large organisations...
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Cash Flow Is King!

Cash Flow is king! Ever heard that phrase? There’s a lot of truth in that, especially when the business environment is as challenging as it is today. Competition is fierce, business dynamics are far more complicated than it used to be a decade ago and the “essential” operational costs weigh down...
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X-Ray Of Your Business

Most manufacturing companies are crippled big time without an effective ERP system. Businesses that manufacture products that will later reach its consumers through a chain of retail distribution networks need to efficiently track large amounts of complex data.
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