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Budgeting, Forecasting and Business Intelligence

In most organisations today, it is quite common to come across complete automation in the areas of general ledger, accounts receivables, accounts payables, inventory control, sales and purchases, etc. In addition to this, some organisations even capture employee time and resources time for project...
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How to Select a Cloud Based Business Intelligence Tool

I’ve met with quite a few potential Business Intelligence shoppers off late and the most common debate I’ve come across is whether to go for an on premise solution or with a cloud based solution.  It is not uncommon for most organisations to struggle with making the right choice here. But there are...
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Dynamics GP for Distribution - the complete ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Management maintains tight control over distribution, and streamlines your pick/pack/ship cycle to give you competitive advantage. From forecasting to delivery, Microsoft Dynamics GP will help you accelerate your sales order processes and lower your costs per...
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Popular Excuses For Not Investing In Business Intelligence

With all the talk and educational material about Business Intelligence, one would think most companies would have invested and implemented in some form of Business Intelligence. But on the contrary, only a small percentage of small to medium businesses currently use BI.
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Should Small Businesses Invest In Business Intelligence?

That’s a great question. Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data warehousing, Performance Management, KPIs, Dashboards and Scorecards are all terminologies that once were restricted to the domain of large organisations. There was and probably still is a perception that “only” large organisations...
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Lack of Business Intelligence Costs You Money

Most organisations have a vision, a mission statement and some very smart strategies. But the execution of their strategies is often a different story, because execution largely depends on “reliable” information which is hard to come by.
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Most Common BI Implementation Mistakes

Gartner predicts that business intelligence and analytics will probably remain the top focus for C level executives over the next couple of years at the least. Small to medium companies have joined the larger conglomerates in implementing BI solutions. The number of BI solutions has grown...
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X-Ray Of Your Business

Most manufacturing companies are crippled big time without an effective ERP system. Businesses that manufacture products that will later reach its consumers through a chain of retail distribution networks need to efficiently track large amounts of complex data.
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ERP Isn't Enough!!

Over the years, I’ve seen companies of all sizes invest considerable amounts of time, effort, energy and human resources into implementing some sort of software to help run their businesses. It could be just a simple accounting software package or a more complex ERP system. Some others have...
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The Real Reasons Why ERP Implementations Sometimes Fail!!

We have heard innumerable stories of ERP implementation disasters. After many months and a lot of money and hard work put in, some organizations still fail to see what they expected to see. Often times the vendor gets blamed and other times the users or the management gets blamed. Investing in a...
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