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The huge explosion in mobile device usage... in two pictures.

olympic-websiteI'm currently doing some research into best web design practice. It's the start of a new year and a good time to review all of our marketing collateral, including our website.

Even though we refreshed our website two years ago, it's time to do it again. Perhaps not a complete overhaul as happened last time but definitely a good review to ensure it's still in line with our company objectives.

I'm asking questions like, "What solutions or products do we want to focus on this year, what do we want to sell more of, what can be faded into the background, how can we reduce text, increase the use of images, video, can it be better optimised for search engines; and the big question, is it optimised for viewing on mobile devices?".

And I've never come across anything that so succinctly illustrates the importance of mobile as in these two pictures. This was my 'wow' moment.

The first picture is from when the pope was elected in 2005.

The second is from the papal ceremony in 2013.


Wow, in the first photo you can only see a few phones, but in the second the whole crowd is lit up from the glow of smartphones.

I came across these pictures in a great resource provided by Hubspot  https://www.olympic.co.nz/docs/4-Essentials-of_Great-Website-Design.pdf.*

This ebook has some really useful info in it about what you should be thinking about when it comes to designing or re-designing your website. And of course, optimisation for viewing on mobiles is HUGE.

You can do this in two ways, by having a separate mobile site that will recognise you're on a tablet or mobile and take you to the mobile version of your site, i.e. m.olympic.co.nz, or by having one website that is designed to be responsive so that no matter what device is used to view, the website will automatically respond to the best view whether you're on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

The web is an overwhelming resource at times, bursting at the seams with information. If you want to be kept up to date with useful articles and information for a web or software project that you're working on or considering, then please let me know. I'm happy to take a short brief of your project and send you anything that I think is relevant and helpful to ensure you achieve the best result possible.


Tara Wrigley is a Consultant at Olympic Software NZ Ltd. Tara has a degree in Electronic Commerce from The University of Waikato and is currently working towards her Masters. Her field of interest is Social Business and understanding how to increase engagement with customers and staff to improve business outcomes. Tara works with the management team at Olympic to develop new Social Business strategies and initiatives. Follow her progress on Twitter @tswrigley, connect with her on LinkedIn, read about her social business journey in her blog articles or email her at taraw@olympic.co.nz.


*This resource is provided as a direct link because it appears to no longer be available on the Hubspot website, www.hubspot.com

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