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The latest info about IT and digital for connected workplaces

The Real Value of Digital Document Capture

Information fuels your business and access to that information is key - Leverage your information the moment it arrives.
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The platform revolution and why you should get your business connected

The Platform as a business model has proven successful for some of the world's largest brands such as; Uber, Airbnb, TradeMe, Facebook and Instagram. But what is a Platform Business Model and why should you care?
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What is EDI? What are the benefits of EDI?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the term commonly used to describe the transfer of digital data from one ERP (accounting) solution to another. EDI is actually a decades old term which related to a strict format and protocol for sending digital data. The business world has become a lot more...
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Important info re Christmas Support Hours for 2020/2021

The Olympic offices are formally closing at 5.00pm on Wednesday 23 December and will re-open on Monday 11 January 2021.
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Burger King choose DX2 for improved efficiency and productivity

Antares Restaurant Group (the exclusive franchisee for Burger King in NZ) are on a mission to get more of their business processes and documents digital with the aim to improve efficiency and productivity across their business. After seeing a demo of DX2 a few months ago, Steve Browning, CFO, liked...
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We're exhibiting at the 4th Government Digital Transformation summit in Oct

Enabling digital service delivery & citizen engagement Wellington 28-29 October 2020 We’re proud to be exhibiting at New Zealand's premier and most comprehensive Government Digital Transformation Summit. Don't miss your chance to hear from the experts from 40 Government organisations as they...
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Don't settle for accounts payable automation

Many companies are moving quickly to adopt accounts payable or P2P solutions so they can digitise their purchase order, payables invoices and approval processes. This is good, it's often the first step for organisations seeking to be more digital. As a decision maker, however, you should also be...
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The evolution and future of EDI

Over a period of decades EDI has steadily gained mainstream adoption throughout businesses worldwide as the preferred means to exchange documents in B2B transaction processes. The “digital world” as we know it runs on and depends on EDI. But the world is changing, and with it the future of EDI.
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Who's winning the race for e-commerce sales in Australia and New Zealand?

Olympic Software's "Soft AI" is making all the difference 
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How to turn those painful PDFs into digital data

We hear it all the time from our clients.... they are still processing hundreds, some times thousands of invoices, or sales orders. Some of our clients still have manual purchase order books. I was even talking to a client the other day that was still receiving orders via fax! 
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