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The Real Value of Digital Document Capture

Information fuels your business and access to that information is key - Leverage your information the moment it arrives.
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eCommerce solutions designed to give the seller an advantage

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and changed the way retail businesses work, eCommerce was growing. According to the 2019 NZ Post eCommerce Review, online sales in New Zealand grew by 16% in 2018, while traditional retail sales saw only a 3% increase.
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Building a collaborative, digital workspace for purchasing and sales

We have all come to accept that Covid-19 has forever changed the way the world conducts business.  So, as a business leader, how can you harness digital technology to boost collaboration and productivity in your organisation?
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Choose Business Intelligence Wisely

How did you choose your Business Intelligence software? Rock, Paper, Scissors? Though not literally, but as organisations go through the purchase evaluation process, more often that not, they reach a stage when it almost seems like they did play rock, paper, scissors.
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How Important Is Collaboration In Business Intelligence?

Collaboration is probably one of the most neglected aspects in businesses today. It is an ironic statement because CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Middle Management staff and all employees have a much wider range of communication technologies available to them today than ever before and yet we see very little to...
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Move or Extend to The Cloud?

"Moving to the Cloud" doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing journey where you sell everything you own, pack up the family and make a new start in a distant and foreign environment. See it as an extension of your business systems, providing easily accessible places to share, communicate and get...
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OneNote the Interactive Whiteboard

Microsoft OneNote.  Not many people know it's installed on their computer with Microsoft Office.  I've been using it since 2003 as my notebook, research tool, place for drafts, sketching ideas, building searchable document repositories.
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The culture of your business and SharePoint

Have you considered your business culture and the importance of giving opportunities to contribute.  SharePoint can help.
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