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"Moving to the Cloud" doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing journey where you sell everything you own, pack up the family and make a new start in a distant and foreign environment.
See it as an extension of your business systems, providing easily accessible places to share, communicate and get things done.

Make use of Cloud Services the way you want to. Microsoft Office 365 is structured so businesses can make use of the services that are important to their strategic goals.
You don’t have to get "The Full Suite."
Subscribe to any of the Office 365 services individually, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or Lync Online.

If you want an easy entrance into "Bring Your Own Device" culture:

  • Use Exchange Online as externally accessible, large email storage, that still shares information with your on-site Exchange environment.
  • Use SharePoint Online as a temporary place to move documents to access them remotely, start authoring documents with your workgroup or project team.  Move the documents back when the content is near completion.

If  you want to enjoy the benefits of Video Conferencing and Online Meetings with a low per user per month cost:

  • Make easy use of Lync Online to hold online meetings, present content, share your desktop and work on content together in real time.
  • Get your team together quickly and easily to meet, discuss and work together.
  • Add Voice and Video to your online meetings with minimal effort, reducing telephone calls and travel.
  • Use SharePoint Online to store your content for your online meetings, using other social features to continue conversation such as discussion boards and announcements.
  • Invite external business partners and contractors to work with you, without exposing all of your file system, located on-premises.

If you need to quickly put together a proposal for a new business opportunity:

  • Take an existing proposal or start a new one.  Store it in SharePoint online, have your team connect to it and make changes to the different sections all at the same time.
  • Use comments within the document to suggest changes to the content.
  • See who is working on the document and start an Instant Message, Voice or Video conversation with them to discuss the proposal.
  • Manage versions of the document effectively, rather than emailing copies and wasting valuable time collating all the changes.


Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible extension to your everyday business activities.

Use what you want to use, the way you want to use it.

Are you ready for change?

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