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10 key elements to look for in a digital exchange or EDI solution

If you're currently considering software solutions to digitise your finance and/or sales processes, consider these essential key elements. 
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How much is your business spending on invoice processing?

There's a reason that many businesses are saying goodbye to their paper-based invoicing processes - they’re expensive… in terms of time and money. In fact, Revenue and Business Minister Stuart Nash recently said that collectively, New Zealand and Australian business could save $30 billion over the...
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Correct Payables Batch posted to the wrong period

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Cash Flow Is King!

Cash Flow is king! Ever heard that phrase? There’s a lot of truth in that, especially when the business environment is as challenging as it is today. Competition is fierce, business dynamics are far more complicated than it used to be a decade ago and the “essential” operational costs weigh down...
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Processing Payment Batches to Exclude Current Month Credits

When processing an Accounts Payable payment batch in Dynamics GP starting with the select cheques process, there are check boxes that will either include or exclude automatically applying unapplied credit notes, returns and payments. For most sites, the decision is pretty straight forward – they...
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Dynamics GP: Processing Refunds from Creditors

I recently did a site visit to one of our clients with the purpose of looking at what they were doing and making some enhancements to their processes. As is often the case, the learning went both ways and I picked up something new – thanks Abbey.
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