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When processing an Accounts Payable payment batch in Dynamics GP starting with the select cheques process, there are check boxes that will either include or exclude automatically applying unapplied credit notes, returns and payments. For most sites, the decision is pretty straight forward – they usually manually apply credit notes to the related invoice while they are entering the credit note. Therefore, they untick the boxes and take care of any allocations themselves. (Note: these boxes are ticked by default.)

But if you happen to be a site that imports the majority of your transactions, you would not then spend time manually applying each of the credit notes. This then creates issues – if you unmark the boxes, no credits get picked up. If you leave them marked, every credit document regardless of date will be picked up an allocated. Most sites I deal with want to only pick up credit notes that were issued during the same month as the invoices they are making a payment for.

In Dynamics GP version 10, the list functionality was introduced. This gave a way to deal with the situation. Prior to running a payment batch, we can put a mass hold on all credits from the current month and after processing, we can take them back off hold. Here's how to do it.

Click on the Purchasing Area Page and go to the Payables Transactions Navigation List:


Use the drop down beside the list name to Save As a new list:


Add filters to have an "on or after" date and to select credit type documents:


Use the arrow to apply the filter:


Use the top check box to "mark all" documents. Choose to "Apply Hold" to the selected documents:


You will get a message that appears to tell you how many succeeded or failed (note – failures could be because they are already allocated or in a batch). Drill into the error message for details:


Move away from the Navigation List (ensuring you have saved all your changes first) and back again and you will see that all documents on hold now have a visual indicator (red dot). Clicking on the indicated part of the menu pane will sort based on these visual cues:


Now you can process you payment batch, leave the boxes marked, and only the credits from previous periods will be applied. When you have finished your payment batch, you can come back to the Navigation Lists and use the same process to "Remove Hold".

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