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Make Bank Reconciliation easy in Dynamics 

Olympic Easy Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP overlays the standard bank reconciliation and allows users to import a bank statement, run auto match processes, manually match transactions, post adjustments on the fly, and create simple bank transaction and cash receipts – all without leaving the bank reconciliation window.


View or download our Easy Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP Overview.


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Make reconciling easy 

View your bank statement side-by-side with transactions in Dynamics GP and make the reconciliation process easier

Multiple Search

Multiple search and sort functions to make finding transactions easy


Create bank transactions and cash receipts without leaving the window

Matched Report

Matched report that shows the link between bank statement and Dynamics GP transactions.


Flexible mapping options for bank statements to make it easy to import

Unmatched Report

Unmatched report to show outstanding bank statement items


Import and view up to four description fields from a bank statement

Set Up

Set up common items, e.g. bank fees, interest on remembered adjustment entry

Auto Match

Auto match options based on reference and/or date and amount







Frequently Asked Questions 
How much does Easy Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP cost?

Bundle Price – $4,500.00*

  • Core bank rec with Bank Transactions and single currency
  • Cash Processing
  • Multi-currency

* Discount available for current GP2Bank and Olympic Tools customers. Please contact us for more information.


What versions of Dynamics GP are supported?

Easy Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP can be used with any version of Dynamics GP from 2013R2 onwards.

Will I need help with installation?

Not necessarily. As long as you have the appropriate rights and access to the sa password, you can install Easy Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP. Simply follow the steps in the Installation Guide. If you do want us to help with the installation, that can be arranged. Installation for a single instance (e.g. terminal server) usually takes 15 – 30 minutes. If you require the install on more than one machine, allow an additional 15 minutes per workstation.


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