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As the world becomes more connected; more businesses are becoming aware of the potential power of boosting sales revenue while streamlining finance processes in their businesses.

To achieve this, modern workplaces are seeking versatile, digital platforms to support both increased online sales and back office process efficiencies. Trader and DX2 deliver on this objective of growth in online sales revenue whilst maintaining the same level of back office costs. 

More specifically, clients are seeking to:

  • Enhance their online presence.
  • Improve digital processes to gain efficiency.
  • Gain the ability to expand and enrich the engagement with their people, their customers and their suppliers. 

We use our proven frameworks; Trader and DX2 to deliver to these needs, at speed whilst minimising any risks. Using these platforms, we help our clients to engineer, assemble and build a connected ecosystem that supports their business model and engagement strategy.

Our Trader ecommerce digital platform is a dynamic, scalable and proven framework, which is highly modular and extensible. Trader allows you to move beyond traditional ecommerce, and lead and respond to the market strategically and promptly.

DX2 provides an online, shared workplace for businesses to securely send or receive documents and related messages. Documents such as invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, sales orders and more. With DX2 you can build your own digital network.


With Trader and DX2,  We understand how important it is to: 

  • Create a community, and;
  • Build a networked ecosystem, and;
  • Facilitate direct and efficient social and business interactions between staff, customers and suppliers. 

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Together, these frameworks can evolve your business to take advantage of the power of the digital economy. 


With the help of Trader, Woolworths' Supermarkets grew their online sales channel to be the most popular online store in Australia.

"Woolworths’ Supermarkets implemented Olympic Software’s Trader ecommerce platform in 2012. During this time, annual ecommerce sales has grown from $135 million to over $1 billion. The platform has also been implemented in Woolworths’ Endeavour Drinks Group with BWS going live in 2017 and Dan Murphy’s rolled out in the first half of 2018."
Tom Whelan, CDTO, WooliesX


With the help of DX2 Digital Business, Burger King NZ (Antares) are seeking to: 

  • Build out their ecosystem
  • Digitise interactions and collaborations with service providers and suppliers
  • Digitalise their business processes and documents
  • Improve efficiency and productivity across their business.

We're currently working with several clients who are utilising the power of both Trader to substantially increase their ecommerce sales; as well as DX2 to improve and automate the back office documents and processes. 

We'll keep you posted on these projects as soon as they've launched. 


In the meantime, if you'd like to find out if our solutions are right for your business, book a 15 minute discovery call or contact us.  


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