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As we come out of the pandemic and look to the year ahead, winter is approaching, the cup is in the cupboard, vaccines are on the way, and yes, the technology pundits are forecasting all the next big things. 

And big they are. Complete revamps of the way we work, the way we engage our customers and suppliers, the way we manage privacy, the way we leverage cryptocurrencies, the way we apply AI and ML to, well, everything! 

So, what is the new normal and how do we succeed in 2021?

“Helping clients succeed,” has been the core mantra here at Olympic for more than 25 years. As the world has become more connected, “being digital, being connected” has been the foundation of our services and our offerings for the last 15 years. Trader and DX2 are our Digital Platforms that are helping our clients successfully build upon and harness these connections and interactions and expand their business ecosystem and reach of their digital networks in a modern collaborative style.

Woolworths in Australia, and Countdown in New Zealand are still the most successful ecommerce offerings in Australasia – despite the presence of Amazon and eBay – and shows what a focus on customers and personalisation can achieve. Our Trader platform has been the foundation offering and we have four significant Trader projects in the “pipe” for 2021.

DX2 is helping ETCO, Dairy Farm Holdings, Antares, Activate Training, Alexza in the USA, SCIA in Sydney, and more recently Armer Farms in the Bay, and City Forests in Dunedin, transition their operations to be more digital and more connected.

GO has been successfully rolled out to staff, at the Otago Regional Council, QV has completed an upgrade and J Swap are extending their digital network by putting GO Mobile in the “hands of their truck drivers”.

The key lesson for 2021 is to build on what already exists. Don’t “throw the baby out with bath water”.

Despite what the technology pundits say, a full transformation project is overwhelming for most businesses - we are big advocates of transition rather than full transformation all at once. 

This is how our cloud-based, web oriented, mobile enabled, digital platforms; Trader, DX2 and GO, fit into the new normal and “Help you succeed in 2021”.


Talk to us today, to see how we can help digitally transform your business.