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Dynamics GP: Changing Settings on Default SmartLists

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Dynamics GP & SmartList - Excel Tip - Format as Table

For those of you on Dynamics GP 2013 and later, the SmartList export to Excel has been performance enhanced to make it quicker.
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Dynamics GP - SmartList - Renaming Columns

This is a simple little tip that is not necessarily that obvious if you haven’t been told about it. I had a client lamenting that users of her SmartList outputs were always asking what the headings meant.
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Dynamics GP - Using Custom Reminders

Dynamics GP comes with a range of preset alerts which are great for adding a reminder to your desktop. Using the Custom Reminders that link to SmartList favourites is a much better and very effective alternative.
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Dynamics GP - Change Global Defaults for SmartList

As a default, all SmartLists have the default to return a maximum of 1,000 records. For some areas of the system (e.g. Customer and Supplier records) this may be adequate. As soon as you need to look at transactional information, you exceed 1,000 records very quickly.
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