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How Important Is Collaboration In Business Intelligence?

Collaboration is probably one of the most neglected aspects in businesses today. It is an ironic statement because CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Middle Management staff and all employees have a much wider range of communication technologies available to them today than ever before and yet we see very little to...
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Need business intelligence software? Beware 7 out of 10 business intelligence projects fail!

According to Gartner 7 out of 10 Business Intelligence projects failed in 2012. That’s just four years ago. Hopefully that ratio has improved since then. It’s not a problem without a cure. It can definitely be fixed with a few changes in Project Management.
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Is 2015 the year of Self-Service BI?

So what is a self-service BI? Many have read this phrase on a RFP and wondered….”what does this even mean?”
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The promising promises of social business

"So what is this social business stuff about? How is it going to benefit our business? How will it contribute to the bottom line?" I was talking to someone from our management team the other day and their concern with following a social business strategy is real and valid.
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What is social business? The start of my social business journey.

It's the start of a new year. And for me, the start of a renewed focus in my role at Olympic Software. For a couple of years now, I've been doing a lot of research into the social business concept and now it's time to start putting it into practice.
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