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10 key elements to look for in a digital exchange or EDI solution

If you're currently considering software solutions to digitise your finance and/or sales processes, consider these essential key elements. 
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How much is your business spending on invoice processing?

There's a reason that many businesses are saying goodbye to their paper-based invoicing processes - they’re expensive… in terms of time and money. In fact, Revenue and Business Minister Stuart Nash recently said that collectively, New Zealand and Australian business could save $30 billion over the...
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Using PSTL to merge Customer / Debtor Records

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Is 2015 the year of Self-Service BI?

So what is a self-service BI? Many have read this phrase on a RFP and wondered….”what does this even mean?”
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Dynamics GP: Accounts Receivable Month End Processes

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Dynamics GP: Troubleshoot Accounts Receivable Out of Balance

What can you do before you call us for help?  Read on to find out:
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