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The Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) in Dynamics GP can be used to merge two customer records into one by using the Customer Combiner tool. The only user who can access this tool is the sa user. It is recommended you do this after a backup – so first thing in the morning is generally a good time. It is also recommended that you have printed a transaction list of both the Source and Destination customers so you can validate it after the merge.


To access the Customer Combiner and Modifier, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP à Tools à Utilities à Sales à Customer Combiner and Modifier

Select the option you wish to use – in this case, Customer Combiner.


Select the Source Customer ID and the Destination Customer ID. Note: the destination customer ID must already exist. You can do more than one at a time:


When you have all the ones listed that you want to change, click Process. You will get a report to say what has merged together.


If someone has provided you an Excel based file with the from and to, you can use this to import. Remove any headers from the file and ensure that the Source Customer is on the left and the Destination Customer is on the right:


Save the file as a .csv in a location you can navigate to.

In the Customer Combiner and Modifier window, click the folder icon to navigate to your file. Once selected, click the Validate button:


If validation is successful, the above message will appear and the list will populate into the window. If there are issues, a report will print to list the problems.


Once all validation is successful, click Process to make the changes. You will get a message saying you must back your company database up before combining or modifying. If your backup is in place, click Continue.

You will also get a report that prints confirming that the process has completed.


Confirm that all the transactions have moved and the Source Customer no longer exists.


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