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Heather Roggeveen - Senior ERP Consultant

How long have you been part of the Olympic family and what attracted you to work here?

I have been part of the Olympic family for 16 years now. I was an end user of Dynamics GP at a client site. I had resigned from that site as I had moved out of Auckland. Our Olympic Consultant told me I could be a consultant and I should send her my CV. I was young and really didn’t think I could do the job, but sent my CV anyway. The rest is history!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A high school maths teacher. I even have a BSc majoring in Mathematics with Calculus! Don’t ask me how to solve a complex calculation these days – the sort of skill you definitely lose if you don’t use!


How do you relax in your time away from work?

I am a crafter – spending time doing embroidery or on my sewing machine, especially with friends is my happy relaxation place. Not a lot of time for that however with being the mum taxi and involved with school parent groups and as a leader in Scouts. Getting out for some exercise walking my dog and a new found love for adventure races is also “me” time.

What song can you listen to and never get sick of it?

Daniel by Elton John. It reminds me of my dad.


Are you a morning or a night person?

A bit of both – morning if I really need to get some focus time on some work without interruption. Evening after my son is in bed is my “me” time. That is when I sit with my cross-stitch and chill out.


What is the best concert you have attended?

Bruce Springsteen – you feel like you are at a private jam session.


Last book you read?

Currently reading a history book on Henry VIII. I am a royalist and Henry VIII’s reign I am particularly interested in.


Movies or Tv Shows?

With streaming platforms now, I tend to binge watch TV Shows. But if I have some time to myself at home, I tend to roll out some old favourite movies.


Comedy or drama? Depends on my mood – I like both! Probably lean more towards drama though.


Physical books or ebooks? I have gone back to physical books in recent times – but that is mainly because I usually stock up at the local Lion’s Club’s annual book fair and end up with more than I can read in a year!


Ficton or non-fiction? Fiction generally – reading is a before bed escape – nothing too heavy (although history of Henry VIII is a bit of an exception).



  1. My son Zac and I ready for Anzac Parade with Scouts.
  2. My dog Lola in her dinosaur coat. She is a retired ex-racing greyhound who had a very good racing career and loved it with good trainers and is now enjoying retirement. She does everything differently to other greyhounds – is reliable off-lead and goes for long walks (this photo was taken on a 5 hour walk).


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