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Rania De Morgan - DX2 Support Consultant

How long have you been part of the Olympic family and what attracted you to work here?

I have been at Olympic since 29th February 2016. I saw an advertisement and the company was only 5mins from home, I was travelling 50mins in rush hour traffic to get to work so I came in for an interview.


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I lived in the UAE so I really thought I would be married to some super wealthy prince and just own an airline so wouldn’t need to work. My dad managed Amiri Flight for the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi so its not as farfetched as it seems. Once I came to NZ and reality hit I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer.


How do you relax in your time away from work?


What song can you listen to and never get sick of it?

Anything by Akon


Are you a morning or a night person?



What is the best concert you have attended?

New Years Eve 2000. Pink Floyd at the Pyramids


Last book you read?

Twilight (many years ago)


Movies or Tv Shows? TV Shows

Comedy or drama? Drama

Physical books or ebooks? No books

Ficton or non-fiction? Fiction




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