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Vaishali Tirodkar 

Senior Business Consultant - DX2, BI360, Microsoft Business Central


How long have you been part of the Olympic family and what attracted you to work here?

I have been with Olympic since February 1998. I used to work for PwC – Management Consulting Division in India as a SunSystems consultant. I heard about Olympic as a Sun Sytems partner while giving an interview at PwC NZ and in a week was employed at Olympic.


Can you describe your career at Olympic – what position did you start in and what are your main area of expertise now?

I started as a Consultant/Business Analyist in BSE (now called SE) department. I  have gone back and forth between SE and CS. I have covered many applications as a Consultant including ERP’s like Sun Systems, Dynamics Great Plains, GoldMine, FRx Forecaster. Currently I am involved in DX2 projects as a BA or as a Senior Consultant in the CS area for Solver portal and Business Central.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Olympic and your role?

I like interacting with clients and being able to solve fewer issues. I find it very creative. I like the variety offered by Olympic where I have been able to cover various areas of consulting including presales.


Can you describe your transition to NZ from India, did you come alone? What do you find the biggest cultural differences to be? Where were you from in India? Etc.

I came to NZ with my family, my husband and son. I am from Mumbai, India which is a very big cosmopolitan city. So the biggest challenge was to get used to a quieter pace of life and seeing less number of people and of course the natural phase of homesickness which happens after such a move. In those times it was very difficult to find Indian grocery shops let alone Indian restaurants. Of course all that has changed a lot now.


How do you find working remotely at the moment? Biggest challenges? Most enjoyment?

I miss the friendly faces of my colleagues and the work environment. It is always much easier, at least for me, to have a clear separation of work and home. But the advantage is no daily commute and traffic plus considering the petrol prices, saving on fuel expense.


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I had no particular ambitions career-wise while growing up. I was very busy in my world of book reading.


How do you relax in your time away from work?

I am either reading, crocheting or drawing.


What song can you listen to and never get sick of it?

There are many Indian songs I can list but my all time favourite English song is Careless whispers by George Michael.


Are you a morning or a night person?

Definitely a night person. I am a book worm and a keen crocheter. So either I am enjoying the quiet either reading or crocheting.


What is the best concert you have attended?

Bozone in Auckland couple of years ago.


Last book you read?

The Moon Sister by Lucinda Riley.


Movies or Tv Shows?  Movies

Comedy or drama?   Comedy

Physical books or ebooks?  Physical though I do have a Kindle and many books on it.

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction


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