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Account rollups are a great way of grouping and analysing accounts that are not in sequential order. If you haven’t found this particular enquiry, then it is one you definitely need to check out.

Enquiry --> Financial --> Account Rollup

Type in an option ID and click Modify to set up.




Choose which segment you want to sort by and how many columns you want to use. You have four user defined columns that can be set up to view your data.

Define each column. The options you have are:

  • Actuals – this returns actual data for the current year.
  • Budget – if you select this option, you then need to select which budget you wish to query.
  • Calculated – the calculation needs to be defined. To do this, click on the blue arrow next to the Selection heading.
  • Previous Year – type which year you wish to query in the selection column.
  • Other Currency – if you run a multi-currency system, this may be of benefit. Once selected, you need to choose which currency to return.



Rename the column headings so you know what you are looking at in the Enquiry screen.

Choose which account segments you wish to enquire on. These do not need to be sequential as in other report and enquiry screens.

Click on Save and return to the Enquiry screen. Click on Redisplay to see the results of your query.

From the Enquiry screen, you can now drill into detail and print reports. Click on each heading for different drilldown views. Here is a view of a drill-down into the actuals of a group:

Use the Print icon to print as a report either in Summary or Detail.


Go and have a play with them. I am sure you can find specific areas within your reporting that these can be very useful.  One of our clients is using this to compare their accounts receivable and payable trial balances as they have multiple control accounts.

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