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In this short 5 minute interview, Joe reveals why Woolworths Australia chose our ecommerce platform Trader as the base for their online shopping experience.

Joe also talks about how, with the help of Trader, Woolworths were able to grow their online sales channel from $135m per year in revenue in 2012, to more than $1.5b per annum this year.

Woolworths then chose Trader for subsidiaries BWS and Dan Murphys.

Joe explains that Woolworths deeply understands the value of great customer service and the customer journey. Woolworths were focused on delivering a personalised, highly targeted experience using our platform. Along the way, Woolworths presented Olympic with challenges they needed us to help solve. The outcome of this collaborative partnership was a dynamic, scalable and proven ecommerce framework.

In order to utilise the vastly intelligent functionality used in the Woolworths solution, for new customers, we have taken components from our full ecommerce framework and reshaped them so they can be used to coexist with other platforms such as the Hybris or Magento. This enables organisations to retain the ecommerce platform they already have in place but then supercharge this by providing a more customised, personal and targeted customer experience.

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