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Upgrade Offer for FRx Customers

Microsoft has officially retired FRx. How many times have you exported an FRx report to Excel? When considering a replacement for FRx, why not consider a Report Writer that starts in Excel!

NOW is the right time to look at BI360 because we have crafted this limited offer for existing FRx customers who are ready to upgrade.

FRx Upgrade to BI360 for NZ$1,295 plus GST and Annual Licence

Upgrade from FRx to BI360 to enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Get the report design interface all finance people have always wanted: Excel
  • All the Excel formulas, formatting, charts, printing and more that you have come to love about Excel is now a native part of your BI360 report experience.
  • Full, customizable user security
  • Ability to upgrade to report on ALL of our ERP modules, not just the GL*
  • Opportunity to later add other BI360 modules (for web and mobile reporting, dashboards, budgeting, report distribution or data warehouse)*
  • Free, optional FRx report conversion tool*


Questions and answers regarding the FRx Upgrade Offer.

Q: What is the price of the BI360 upgrade offer for FRx customers?
A: NZ$1,295. No discounts are available for this offer.

Q: What is included in the BI360 upgrade offer for FRx customers?
A: It includes: The BI360 Reporting Module with 1 Report Designer user and 4 Report Player users as well as the pre-built, live integration to the General Ledger module in your ERP system. It also includes the new (optional and free) Staging functionality that speeds up report execution.

Q: How much will additional BI360 Designer, Player or other BI360 module licenses cost?
A: Any additional licenses are priced per the regular BI360 price list.

Q: What happens if you later want to upgrade to a BI360 Reporting license that also can report on the sub-ledger modules (AR, AP, SOP, FA, Projects, etc.) in your ERP system?
A: You can upgrade to the full ERP integration by paying the difference between the NZ $1,295 special offer price and the regular list price for the same users/reporting module.

Q: Will this offer include an FRx report conversion tool?
A: Yes, at no additional cost you can download the BI360 report conversion tool for FRx. This utility is planned for release at the end of Q2, 2014. It will convert most of an FRx report, but some manual adjustments/ additions will be expected for each report, somewhat similar to what you would need to do if y our convert FRx reports to Management Reporter. Many customers redesign their reports when they move from FRx to BI360, and in this case, there may not be any reason to sue the FRx report conversion utility.

Q: Can BI360 Reporting Module in this FRx upgrade offer also be used in conjunction with other BI360 modules, such as BI360 Planning, BI360 Portal (web-based reporting dashboards), BI360 Data Warehouse, as well as BI360 Multi-Company Module?
A: Yes. For all other BI360 modules, except BI360 Planning and BI360 Data Warehouse, you can simply purchase any of these modules and still use the offered $1,295 reporting module. The BI360 Multi-Company module comes with a special price for the FRx upgrade offer: Multi-Company module (2-4 companies) $995, Multi-Company module (5-24 companies) $1,995. For all use with BI360 Planning and BI360 Data Warehouse, you need to upgrade to the full BI360 reporting module and pay the price difference.

Q: Is a SaaS option available?
A: Yes, contact Olympic for SaaS pricing for this special FRx upgrade offer.

Q: For which ERP systems is this FRx upgrade offer available?
A: The FRx upgrade offer is available to organizations using FRx with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL.

Q: How long will this $1,295 FRx upgrade offer be available?
A: This campaign is planned to run through to December 31, 2015. However, Solver reserves the right to change this timeline.


Russell Weaver is a business consultant focused on helping customers succeed through the use of technology. Russell specialises in the areas of workforce productivity and business intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn or contact him at russellw@olympic.co.nz.