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Many of our clients are interested in the tools and software that we use for our distributed team so we thought we'd list these out for you below. 

General Office Docs, Email, Spreadsheets and Presentations - Microsoft Office 365 - We are a Microsoft reseller of Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 BC and so we have used the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) for a long time. Microsoft keep adding new solutions to the suite so there's always new features to discover. 

Team Chat and Collaboration - Microsoft Teams - We have grown to love Microsoft Teams at Olympic. It has really helped us to improve collaboration across our teams by easily sharing files and updates. You can also chat and phone via Teams. It's become a one stop place for all our staff to access all information about clients and projects. 

Video Chat/Online Meetings - Microsoft Teams and Zoom - Since we've been using Teams quite extensively for the last 18 months or so, we do try to use it where possible for all online meetings as well since it's a very secure way to hold online meetings. We do also use Zoom from time to time, although we are trying to move away from this as an online meeting tool because of the recent security breaches.
Also Microsoft Stream gives us the ability to record Meetings and Demos for people who need to work at different times to catch up on these meetings and demos at their times. 

Staff Timesheets, Expense Claims and Leave - Go Workforce Management. This is our own developed software currently in use at organisations such as Ministry for Primary Industries, Quotable Value and Otago Regional Council. Go gives your staff a very easy to use digital timesheet so they easily keep track of what projects and activities they spend time on from wherever they are. Go also has expenses and leave modules for submitting expense claims and leave requests. 

Purchase Order Software - DX2 Purchase - Up until around 18 months ago we still used a paper purchase order book that had to be physically taken to the person who needed to sign off the purchase. Since we developed our digital purchase order solution, DX2 Purchase we can easily submit and share purchase orders for approval without leaving our desks. The very flexible tagging feature which gives the ability to tag spend to projects, events, or departments, means that we can keep track of spend in a way that is meaningful to each person's needs without having to create special categories in our financial system. And the shopping cart style user interface means it's easy for any operational staff member to use. 

Invoice Capture & Approval - DX2 Capture and Approvals - We process around 70 payables invoices each month. DX2 Capture and Approvals has substantially sped up this process for us. DX2 has also allowed us to go fully digital with the payment approval process. The payment listing is published in Excel with links to DX2 for review of individual invoices.

Accounting/ERP Solution - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - We recently changed our financials from InforSun to MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our Finance Team are loving the simplified user interface and analysis capabilities. . 

Reporting - Power BI - pulls together the enterprise-wide data and gives us the ability to easily visualise our analytics in real-time.

Sales CRM and Social Media - Hubspot - Hubspot is an online sales and marketing tool that makes blogging, sales management and digital marketing much easier. We use it to create our blog, keep track of all our sales opportunities and pipeline, email marketing and much more. 

Organisation Automation - AXE, LogicApps & Microsoft Flow, these tools have helped in connecting our site to Teams, various systems together and cut down manual entry and human errors.

Devops + Development - We use Azure Devops for a lot of our Development and pipeline management, our deployment and releases are fully automated using Azure Devops into our Azure environment or builds going out for our three main lines of products, Trader, DX2 and Go. In terms of DX2 and Go, we utilize Azure for our hosting and services, we use a large mixture of technology in Azure to achieve our platform from Azure B2C, to Kubernetes and Service bus, this gives us the ability to all work and Keep operations working from our homes just like it was in the office. Our Software Engineering team is well versed in helping with Azure migration or using all Azure stack available as well as ES Cloud from AWS.


If you have any questions about using any of these solutions in your business, please get in touch


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