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DX2 provides more business benefits to organisations over traditional EDI. Here's a few points on what makes DX2 significantly different to the usual EDI story.

  • Empowers your staff - by delivering a digitally powered and connected workspace where staff can send and receive digital documents, and engage and collaborate on those documents, all in a borderless way escaping the constraints of time and place. 
  • Enables staff at your organisation to build trust - across your networks and partnerships. The transparency of the communication builds the trust. Gone are the days of "the cheque's in the mail" conversation, each partner can see exactly where the digital document is in the process. 
  • Ensures that communication happens on the DX2 platform - not by separate email or acknowledgement​. In an EDI situation, acknowledgements are sent by way of a separate message. The DX2 digital courier includes the signals within the same channel. The capture of related communications right alongside the transaction improves visibility across the team, as well as making it easier to refer back to historical actions.  
  • Gives end users the power to manage problems and retry​ - rather than relying on technical resources to do this. End users can check errored documents, triage and resubmit. 
  • Gives you full auditability for security - each action is tracked in order to track who did what when. With, traditional EDI the communication happens outside of transfer.
  • Gives you the power to control what users can do - full user management and security with user-based permissions. 
  • Allows you to customise actions for different documents or Trading Partners​ - for example, when you receive a document from a trading partner it may come with a related document number, however you may have your own number or code system that is relevant to your organisation. DX2 gives you the ability to use rules to map or translate the document into what is meaningful for your business.  
  • Allows you to give the document meaningful 'tags' for analysis - meaning that you're no longer restricted to the data that is available out of your ERP or other systems. You can report on more data that is important for your organisation. With further AI work, we can create automatic tagging.   
  • Gives you the option to have out of band notifications​ - this may be like a separate message but it might not be related to the document itself. This is communication that is outside the context of the document. 
  • Includes Add-On extensions that offer you more value added services, such as:
    • DX2 Capture​ - the capture of information into a digital document. This is multi-channel capture including OCR, EDI, or manual entry.
    • DX2 Purchase​ - a digital purchase order workflow that includes the option to have Guided buying which will empower your users to make the right purchasing decisions.  
    • DX2 Approvals - enabling staff to approve documents at the time and place that is convenient to them. 
    • DX2 Sell​ - Empowers you to digitally transform your sales process, and how you personalise and target products for customers. 
  • The ability to call out to intermediate services – Such as Power Automate, iPath​. 
If you’re looking to digitally transform your EDI connections, and you want a consistent way of creating them, a simpler way to maintain them, then contact us today in regards to DX2.

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