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Olympic Software's "Soft AI" is making all the difference 

Olympic technology powers the winners 



Olympic Software has developed the ecommerce systems now used by the number one online supermarkets in both New Zealand and Australia, as well as the number one online liquor retailer in Australia. These systems are so dominant in their markets that there is no close second place.

The market sales performance, compared to other systems in other national markets, is well in advance of any other ecommerce solution in any market in the developed world. The key to these clients being as successful as they are is the use of components included in an area called Soft AI Technology developed by Olympic Software.

A key technical design concept with the Olympic solution (and why it can use Soft AI so effectively) is that it holds all data related to the client and their journey in memory. This always means real-time actions and activity from the system. 

Soft AI technology - drive sales don’t just present options

Olympic Software’s Soft AI suggests additional relevant information to a customer it knows well in an online context they are familiar with. The evidence is that this increases the shopping spend in an online retail environment, though it can also other be used anywhere to provide personalised suggestions for customers.

The components

There are two Soft AI components available for sale for use in other ecommerce solutions. These components are:

  • Experience Groups with Dynamic UI
  • Olympic Search


1. Experience Groups with Dynamic UI

This component dynamically profiles people based on defined sets of criteria which is a foundation for personalisation. Used in conjunction with the run-time editable layouts function, it allows business users to make changes to the website on the fly, and to target those changes at different user profiles. While most ecommerce solutions have something similar the Olympic Soft AI Technology provides much more scope for change than traditional systems, and coupled with the dynamic profiling, allows the journey to be significantly different for different users.

2. Olympic Search

Provides the tools to control relevance by ingesting analytics data from external systems in addition to a smaller set of locally captured analytics. Provides run-time customization of search targeting based on different user profiles.

Where Olympic Search has a significant advantage is through our experience in and its ability to be optimised for the grocery, liquor and other FMCG markets.

Schedule a demonstration of Soft AI:

Tara Wrigley, Business Development Manager, taraw@olympic.co.nz 

Kim Nankivell, Digitiser, kimn@olympic.co.nz 



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