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How much is your business spending on invoice processing?

There's a reason that many businesses are saying goodbye to their paper-based invoicing processes - they’re expensive… in terms of time and money. In fact, Revenue and Business Minister Stuart Nash recently said that collectively, New Zealand and Australian business could save $30 billion over the...
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What are the key benefits of DX2?

DX2 provides more business benefits to organisations over traditional EDI. Here's a few points on what makes DX2 significantly different to the usual EDI story.
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What's the difference between traditional EDI integrations and DX2?

Integration has been central to Olympic’s offerings to its customers for more than 25 years. This includes:
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How digitising your invoice process can increase AP processing efficiency by over 70%

Increasing business speed while reducing costs is a major driver of digital transformation in New Zealand and Australian businesses, and this is more apparent in accounts payable than anywhere else. The Government estimates contend that e-invoicing will save New Zealand and Australia $30 billion...
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Why automating your procurement processes is now a necessity not a nice-to-have

A new white paper looks at how digital automation is continuing to disrupt business models, and the business case for automating procurement
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Interview: Paul Greenberg from the NORA network interviews our MD Joe McLeod

In this short 5 minute interview, Joe reveals why Woolworths Australia chose our ecommerce platform Trader as the base for their online shopping experience.
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How to ensure software project success; planning and UAT

Recently we have been involved in two projects with two separate organisations where the same solution was implemented.  The approach undertaken by both was vastly different and as a result the outcome on Go Live day and the potential for a cost overrun was significantly different.
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How to control maverick spend with DX2 Purchase and guided buying

Guided Buying has been around for several years, and it has been dominated in the market with products like Ariba Spend Management, but this comes with a significant price tag. This is often out of reach for smaller to mid-range organisations. With DX2 Purchase and Guided Buying, you can streamline...
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Go, an enterprise timesheet solution that is user friendly for high user adoption

We've seen it time and time again. The implementation of expensive timesheet solutions that employees are reluctant, or find difficult, to use, leading to adoption issues. And we understand why. In our personal lives, we have access to beautifully crafted, user centric software solutions that are...
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GO, a system of engagement for dispersed workforces

Information systems can either be thought of as Systems of Record or Systems of Engagement. What's the difference?
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